Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Best Gift

2010 turned out to be a pretty exciting year. In August, my SO located his birth family. It turned out his birth mother past away in June but it was through the obituary that we were able to locate his brothers and sisters. We were able to discover the circumstances surrounding his adoption which he actually had a lot of anger in him and could not understand why someone would give up a child. But all the facts are known now and he is at peace with it. The best part was being able to contact his brothers and sisters. It turns out that he is the second oldest of eight children and the oldest boy. One of his brothers, made the decision to come west for Christmas, this is due to the fact that his daughter lives in Arizona with her husband. So just before Christmas, him and his wife made the road trip to Arizona and then the four of them came to Las Vegas to meet Tomas. This was truly the best gift of all!

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Denice said...

Your LO's are always wonderfully heartwarming and the way you wrote about your SO and his family is so sweet...I bet the reunion of siblings was a memorable event!