Wednesday, May 11, 2011

National Scrapbooking Day with MSW ................ 5/7 thru 5/14/11

Yeah another crop and boy do I need to do some layouts. Over at the My Sketch World website they are doing one for NSD. It will be all week, There are some wonderful challenges for layouts and cards posted. Here is what I've done so far:

Here is a Mother's Day layout. My brother and sister-in-law came into town to take Mom out, so we did a little eating, a little gambling, and a little shopping (well I did a little shopping for shoes).

This was for a recipe challenge using 4 buttons, 4 flowers, music sheet image, and cardstock:

Another eagle layout, I will report that the eaglets are doing fine!

This card we had to use a vintage image:

This challenge was to use a Ad for inspiration:

Here is the ad we had to use for inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Memorial to Mama Eagle

OK, I'll try not to make this too long or too sad. About a month ago I started watching the eagle cam from the Norfork Botanical Gardens. There are 3 hatchlings from this nest. So cute, little fuzzy white eaglets. I have been watching them grow and grow. Checking on them everyday I began to feel like the were my little charges. The little guys were banded week before last so they could keep track of their travels once they fledge. Last week was tragic for them as Mama eagle was killed by a jet that was landing at the Norfork Int'l Airport. Apparently the gardens, airport and lake where the eagles hunt are all close together. Thousands of people all over the world were tuned into this eagle cam. It seemed so silly to be so attached but many were. The day momma died I was so upset and watching the cam hoping that daddy eagle would returned and just before dark he did to feed the eaglets and then again the next morning to bring more food, this was heartwarming. The authorities decided to remove the eaglets to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. I didn't know how to feel as the daddy eagle lost his mate and now his family, it was quite sad, but I know he will go on and hopefully find a new mate in the fall. The eaglets are being well kept at the center and plans to release back to the wild in late summer. There is a cam at the center so we can still keep watch over them.

There was a layout challenge post on the MSW site, that was perfect for the layout I wanted to do, a tribute to mama eagle. Here it is:

I am sure I'll have more layouts to come over the next week or so!
This is a digital layout, designer credits for background paper and elements go to:
Monical Guerra Leiria (Waiting to Happen)
Gunhild Storide, Coralie Scraps (Summer Days)