Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Happenins

Here are the latest cards, layouts and photos to date. Again these past few weeks are just flying by. Also, I may not be updating as often as our home computer has taken a dump. Right now, not sure when we will get another, so for now I am doing everything at work when I can.

This one for Scruffy-Our Son is for my January 2010 Layout. We've had a lot to deal with and him and his diabetes. We are adjusting to scheduled feeding times and getting use to giving two shots of insulin a day. He's doing pretty good and our lives are centered around his needs now more than ever.

These are photos from the snow we got a year ago in December, when it snow over the entire valley. Sorry guys who live in the mid-west and east, you can keep the snow 'cuz it just to darn cold! Oh, BTW, its about 70 degrees today, can't ask for a more perfect day!

Now for the cards, working on cards and a layout this week. Getting lots done and working on those Easter cards too!

This is a photo I took at the Superbowl Party we went to, not to many people but that's OK, not into the mega party scene anyway!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WOW February 3rd Already.....

Well, This has been a busy last couple of days. On Monday, Tom's eldest son and family moved away to Oklahoma. They had a get together Saturday night. We may have to plan a trip.

Here are a couple of layouts I did this week. These were inspired by layout challenges presented at My Sketch World. I guess...I've been busy this week.

Tom's Mom & Dad, I finally got around to scrapping these photos.

This is Jake and yes he thinks he can fit in your lap.