Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello September

So here goes.....September, I like September. For most people in other parts of the country, fall is starting, for us here in Las Vegas...its still pretty warm but just starting cool down a bit. Its also my birthday month.

August was interesting to say the least. My SO reconnected with his birth family, it was pretty emotional but we've had a week or two to digest. The most exciting part just happened yesterday when he got a big box from his older half-sister and in it was a beautiful quilt that his grandmother made. He was pretty overwhelmed and what a wonderful gift. This past week I've been working on an album for him with all the photos we've gotten of his birth family and letters. Well, I know we have a lot more Thanksgiving and Christmas cards to send out now. I best get working on those cards. At first he had a lot of mixed feelings but now he knows the circumstances surrounding his adoption for better or for worst. He really thought that no one cared where he was and that no one was looking for him. I am so happy for him. He now knows that there were people out there looking for him.

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Denice aka Dedelicious said...

I was just stopping by to say hi, but now have to say, "Wow...what a great story to read!" I'm sure your SO has had a flood of emotions, and rightly so! The quilt is beautiful, a true work of art.