Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi Everyone!!!

Wow June has gone by so much going on in my scrappy world. I've doing swaps on the cricut message board and one of most fun ones was the vintage/distressed paint can swap. My partner sent me this gorgeous can filled with all sorts of TH scrappy goodies.

Isn't this an absolutely gorgeous can and then here are a few photos of some of the goodies that were inside the can:

Many thanks to my partner to did a fabulous job!!!!

And, here a couple of photos of the can I did for her:

It was so much fun coming up with a design and then creating the can. One of the best swaps yet. All I can say is that my swapping supplies have double due to the Shoebox swaps and Paint Can swaps I've participated in lately. It has opened the world of Tim Holtz to me, I have to admit before all this I didn't know who the guy was and now I can't get enough of him and his goodies!

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