Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vegas Snow Day 12/17/08

These are from today.

The photos in this digi is from 1998.

OMG! It snowed for the 2nd time this week. I live on the eastside of town near Sam's Town Hotel & Casino off the Boulder Strip (that's what they call Boulder Hwy now days). The last time I think we got snow was about 10 years ago. When it usually snows, it will only snow on the westside of town near the mountains. I am thinking I will try to go to Red Rock Canyon this weekend to take photos. The westside must have gotten several inches.

Baby its cold outside!


Michele said...

Cute page!! I would love to have some snow, as long as I don't have to drive in it!

Anonymous said...

WOW! that's way more snow than I expected!!!! I love the canyons...we used to drive them in the dark...what an experience that is.

Thank you so much for sharing...Vi

Barbara said...

It is so unusual to see snow on palm trees! Wow!
Everytime I hear the name "Red Rock Canyon" I think of that movie "The Electric Horseman" with Robert Redford. I'm really dating my self now but it was a cool movie.
Your layouts are great. We just got a Wii for Christmas and bowling is my favorite. My best game is 227-- but that's on a Wii. Wish I could bowl that way in real life!